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Hole Opening

Excessive Drag and Torque Limitations

Torque is the force required to rotate the tubular string in the wellbore while Drag is the axial resistance to motion of the tubular as it is tripping in or out of the wellbore. Torque and Drag are generated as a result of the friction due to contact between tubulars and the wellbore. Torque is also generated due to the destruction of rock while drilling. As wellbore geometry gets more complex, challenges associated with Torque and Drag become more prevalent.

Challenges caused by Excessive Drag:

  • Poor weight transfer to drill bit – low ROP and / or vibration related damage
  • Long completion running times or NPT getting stuck
  • Failure to complete wellbore to planned TD
  • Possibility of floating casing to bottom
  • Cannot slide if running on motor
  • Inconsistent ROP while drilling in lateral / step out section
  • Inability to drill to TD
  • Issues / flat time tripping in and out of the hole
  • Additional time required for wellbore conditioning
  • Limits wellbore design to optimize exploitation of the reservoir

Challenges caused by Torque Limitations:

  • Inability to turn pipe or intermittent stick slip
  • Inability to drill well to TD
  • Bit damage due to stick slip – low ROP, short runs
  • Damage to BHA components – both mechanical & electrical
  • Stalling top drive and/or stall motor and chunking
  • Require premium connections on casing / liner / drill pipe
  • Twist off or tubular (drill pipe or casing/liner) fatigue
  • Wear on drill pipe and/or casing due to contact
  • Cannot get completion system to TD
  • Additional time required for wellbore conditioning

Rubicon offers a wide range of technologies and expertise to help minimize problems related to torque and drag. Enabled through our advanced Applications Engineering teams and industry leading software, we provide our customers with a better understanding of the wellbore environment. Our technology portfolio combined with our team of experienced professionals help reduce risk, mitigate unplanned costs and improve overall performance.