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Dan Torbett

Dan Torbett is the Vice President of Operations for the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific.

Dan is responsible for the strategic planning, development and operations of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific region. He leads a results oriented team serving a tough, technical, and complex market that insists on proven technology, cost efficiency, quality and reliability. He meets these challenges with an extreme customer focus, work intensity, and a strong personnel development program to create the agility and expertise required to meet his customers’ objectives.

Prior to joining Rubicon, Dan served as VP Operations, Asia Pacific, at Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements. Over a 30-year career in multiple international locations at Schlumberger, he held various technical, marketing, and operations positions including Engineering Manager and General Manager Belfast product center.

Dan holds a Bachelors Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia.