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Company History

Established in 2015, Rubicon Oilfield International is a Houston-based company formed by a seasoned team of oilfield service and equipment industry executives.  Supported by a line of equity investment from Warburg Pincus, Rubicon is focused on building a “best in class” global oilfield products and equipment company – both organically and through acquisitions.

In May 2016, Rubicon acquired Tercel Oilfield Products a globally diversified oilfield products company that has brought together a series of innovative, local companies under the Tercel brand.

Tercel has a unique technology heritage with all its companies sharing the same commitment to expertise, practical innovation and application-specific engineering.

Companies brought together to create Tercel Oilfield Products were: Caledus Ltd, Diamant Drilling Services SA, Drilbits International, Driltools Equipment Trading, Encore Bits LLC and Omni Oil Technologies.

Diamant Drilling Services, founded in Belgium in 1999, are specialists in oil and gas drilling services and in January 2010 acquired Houston-based Encore Bits, a developer and manufacturer of PDC drilling bits.

Aberdeen-based Caledus®, formed in 2003, offers a range of innovative equipment designed to reduce NPT and ensure tubulars reach TD.

Dubai-based Omni™ Oil Technologies, founded in 2004, boasts the first integrated technology development and manufacturing center in the Middle East with its proprietary drilling enhancement tools including roller reamers and stabilizers.

Founded in 2005, India-based DrilBits International offers a wide range of rotary rock bits suited to the most challenging drilling operations.

Nighthawk Energy Services, founded in Canada in 2009, offers the most diverse and robust motor on the market today.  Featuring the largest driveline available, large bore bearing sections for maximum performance, and unmatched on and off bottom loads for all applications.

Together, these companies form Tercel Oilfield Products – creating opportunities, reducing risk and delivering a wide variety of smart, innovative and practical drilling and well construction products for today’s oilfields.