Reaching well target depth with the drilling BHA often has no value unless the completion/casing can be run through the open hole. Therefore, the objective of a drilling system cannot be summarized as simply being to reach TD. The real challenge of the drilling phase is to deliver a high quality wellbore that will improve the efficiency of the completion operations.

Ledges, well tortuosity, wash-out, restrictions, and poor hole-cleaning are some of the issues which often prevent the casing/completion to be set at the planned depth and sometimes even prevent the drilling BHA to be safely pulled out of hole.


Challenges associated with mining and blast hole drilling:

  • Ledges
  • Well tortuosity
  • Wash outs
  • Poor hole cleaning


Rubicon offers different hole conditioning solutions that help to enhance the wellbore quality while drilling and often eliminate the need of a dedicated wiper-trip. Rubicon also offers tools that can be incorporated at the bottom of the lower completion should poor downhole conditions be expected.